Carbon Literacy for Organisations

This course is the first step on your organisational journey towards a low-carbon future. Our focus is to inspire organisations to understand the implications of climate change.

We provide a starter pack of tools, an introduction to the language of decarbonisation, as well as more advanced tools, advice and solutions to support organisations on their low-carbon journey.

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What is Sustainability?


What Should I Know?

Understand the basic science of the carbon cycle, climate change and sustainability.

What Can I Do?

Plan and model real-life individual and systemic solutions, then take action.

What Should We Know?

Demystifying jargon around carbon sources and sinks, including emission scopes, offsets, carbon neutrality, etc.

What Can We Do?

Discuss a decarbonisation Action Plan for a real-life organisation.

Our Offering

Our course and curriculum are designed by Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel. Cle-Anne is an international sustainability expert, Australian national award-winning educator, co-founder of Australia's first ever Carbon Literacy program, and expert in case-based training and learning.

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We will meet you wherever you are in your organisational journey:

  • Scope
  • Scale
  • Maturity
  • Time (caveat)

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